SMU Kidleidoscope 2016
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Founded in 2013, Kidleidoscope is a community service initiative led by students from the Singapore Management University. For the fourth time since our foundation, we are collaborating with the beneficiaries at CARE Singapore (website:

Kidleidoscope is an amalgamation of the words ‘Kid’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’, reflecting our ideals of bringing an array of colours and patterns to the lives of the children we work with, physically through our craft and metaphorically through our interactions.

Our aim is to collaborate with like-minded organizations for the benefit of children. We intend to organize Beneficiary Visits (BV) and a Finale Event filled with fun and interactive art activities, facilitated by our organizing committee and student volunteers.

In a similar vein, we aim to provide an avenue for SMU volunteers to contribute back to society. Through our activities, we hope to build a Kidleidoscope community with our beneficiaries and SMU volunteers.

'Be the light, inspire a kid today' - Kidleidoscope